The Viora Lid Unlocks

The Aroma Of Your Beverage


Most of what we experience as taste is actually smell. In fact, our noses deliver 75% of our taste experience of coffee and even more of our taste experience of tea. Conventional lids were designed mainly to prevent spills, and consequently, they trap aroma and rob you of the full enjoyment of your drink. With the Viora Lid, you get to savor the aroma of coffee or tea and enjoy the fullest possible taste experience.

Taste is generated through several distinct interactions between your nose, tongue, and brain. Lots of really interesting research about what generates taste drove our design process, and the Viora Lid improves each of the ways that aroma contributes to your taste experience.

First is the anticipatory aroma. The Viora Lid locates a drink opening below your nose, and as you breathe in, the aroma from your coffee or tea can be enjoyed as you start to tilt the cup to take a sip. Science indicates that this smell priming enhances the taste experience you are about to have.

Second, since some of your coffee or tea sits in a drink well right under your nose, as you drink, you continue to have an aromatic experience – just like when drinking from an open topped mug. In contrast, conventional lids virtually eliminate smelling through your nose. The straw-like drink opening of a conventional lid is too small to allow aroma to escape and is immediately covered by your mouth, which completely blocks aroma to your nose.

Third, the Viora Lid improves retronasal smelling. Retronasal smelling happens when aroma travels through the pharynx in the back of your mouth to your olfactory membrane. When you purse your lips to drink through the straw-like opening of a conventional lid, it closes your soft pallet and blocks the pharynx. With the Viora Lid, your lips stay relaxed, enabling you to have a full retronasal experience as you drink.

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