Coffee Farm

At Viora Lid, we are passionate – some might even say fanatical – about coffee. Whether we are drinking espresso or Aeropress, cold brew or drip, we appreciate a great cup of coffee. We know that outstanding coffee is made by people who make thoughtful choices at each step of coffee’s lengthy journey from farm to cup. We created the Viora Lid so the care put into this journey won’t go unnoticed.

Whether it started in Ecuador or Ethiopia, Costa Rica or Sumatra, your coffee made a journey of thousands of miles to reach your cup. Farmers selected the best varietals for their elevation and terrain. Buyers travelled half way around the world to source beans directly from the small farms that consistently produce the highest quality beans. A roaster experimented with method, time, and temperature to bring out every nuance and flavor. The freshly roasted beans were sent – as quickly as possible – to baristas. Drawing on science and art, baristas determined which extraction process would elicit the complex and subtle flavors of those beans. They selected the grind, coffee to water ratio, temperature, and brewing time, to craft an exceptional cup of coffee.


Artisan Coffee Journey


While the last step of the journey – putting that coffee in the cup for you to enjoy on the go – seems like a small one compared to the thousands of miles the coffee has already travelled, it turns out it’s no less important. Previously, coffee purveyors only had two choices: hand you your coffee in a mug and limit your enjoyment to the café premises or use a conventional lid that lets you take your coffee on the go but limits your ability to enjoy the full flavor. With the arrival of the Viora Lid, they now have a better choice. It makes sure your coffee remains exceptional even when you carry it out the door. The artisan coffee journey is no longer just from the farm to the cup. With the Viora Lid, the journey doesn’t end until your coffee reaches your lips.

In this blog, we’ll learn from coffee purveyors that use the Viora Lid about the decisions they make at every step of the process to bring you the most enticing cup of coffee. We’ll explore how the coffee we love is so much more than it may appear, and show you why we care so deeply about experiencing coffee to its fullest.